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You are probably wondering what an expert witness page is doing on a robotics site. Robots, robotics and computer controlled machines become subjects of litigation in liability suits and intellectual property disputes. In litigation the judge decides questions of law, the jury decides questions of fact and questions requiring the application of law to facts. The robotics expert helps everyone understand the technical facts and aspects of the matter. The intellectual property disputes typically involve patents and questions of infringement and validity. The liability suits can follow industrial accidents. These accidents often stem from a complex chain of events and require a robotics expert witness to help sort out the details. 
Expert witness work has gotten a bad rap; primarily because of television shows that sometimes portray expert witnesses as "hired guns" that will say anything for a buck. In reality, expert testimony is held to a very high standard. In a nutshell, the Daubert Decision of the US Supreme Court from 1993 says that an expert's testimony must be based on industry standards, peer-reviewed research or repeatable experimentation. Furthermore, most cases where an expert is involved are settled before going to trial.
I occasionally work as a robotics expert witness. Here is my expert witness website. Finding an expert witness in almost any field is not too hard. There are a number of online expert witness directories.

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